Awkwardly Beautiful

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Add for German home improvement company shows dad doing something special for his goth daughter.


*cries all over rug*

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Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made.



It was originally built in the early 1700’s to protect the Netherlands from invasions. It is constructed out of Accoya wood, a waterproof wood. The designers assured that flooding will not be a problem because the height of the water is controlled an adjustable dam. The dam also includes a pump in case the water overflows. 


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Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life


"bisexual? you mean you’re experimenting?"

*kicks test tubes and alien hybrid under a desk* “um no what do you mean”

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you know you’re fucked when those late night thoughts start hitting you in the middle of the day
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